Who we are

Altroo was created by PlumResearch, an experienced company specializing in gathering and analyzing entertainment industry data.

If you want to do good, without changing your daily habits and not even notice it, then Altroo is the place to go… Łukasz Jeziorski CEO PlumResearch


We redirect flow of money back to internet users

Years of experience working with data gave us the prospect of awareness of users about the security and the real value of their data.

That’s why we created Altroo web browser to raise awareness of online security on the one hand and to put data in the hands of users on the other.


PlumResearch has been appreciated by

20 Hottest Music Startups of 2016 by MIDEM

20 Hottest Music Startups

2017 Sports StartUp Project Award

Warsaw, Poland

2019 Content Measurement Innovation Award at NABShow

Las Vegas, USA

Ranked as 7th most creative company in Poland of 2020 by BRIEF Magazine

Our Philosophy

We Love Being Honest About Data
& We Love Being Helpful

Hi! We are PlumResearch

We are an experienced company specializing in gathering and analyzing entertainment industry data. Showlabs, its our flagship product, provides information on viewership in over 40 countries worldwide. Among ours clients are film studios, talent agencies, and streaming platforms

We are experts in data

Experience in working with data allowed us to create Altroo - a browser that allows you to fully use the social potential of data.

We are transparent about data.

We know the power of data, so we've decided that the value of your data should be used to support charities or organizations of your choice.

We love to help

That’s why we’ve created Altroo, a browser that will help you help the world. We know how valuable data are. We know that your every online activity means money to businesses. But, we’ve decided to redirect the flow of funds from companies to charity goals or organizations of your choice.

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