The Difference

You browse - you support

Your every online activity means money to businesses. With Altroo, you can redirect the flow of funds from Big Tech companies to charity goals or organizations of your choice.

20% Altroo maintenance & development
80% Money transfered to charitable purposes

We make a real difference

Altroo is the first honest browser for doing good. In practice, it allows you to connect your daily internet activities with helping others - quickly and clearly. How? When you browse the web, you may choose whether to share or not to share your data. If no, nothing happens, you have a fast and convenient web browser. But if you do - you help others with no extra effort. We spend our profits on the purpose you chose and donate at least 80% of that money to your chosen organization, goal, or cause. We use the rest to cover our operational costs of developing and maintaining Altroo.

Your Best Way to Support.


Altroo - build the rules of data interaction

We live in a time when data is ubiquitous. I understand that. I am not against tracking. No, I want to civilize data interaction. Because if the data belongs to me, I should be able to share it on my terms.

Łukasz Jeziorski
CEO, PlumResearch

Your data is of real value. Your data is currency. And although this knowledge is quite common, users still aren’t sure how to proceed.
I want to change that. Because I believe there is a way to fair data acquisition. That’s why we have created Altroo, the honest browser.
I want o to raise awareness among Altroo users of how their data is gathered, its value, and how it is monetized, and to give them control over money earned from measuring their behavior.

If you want to do good without changing your daily habits and not even noticing them, then Altroo is the place to go.

Sounds idealistic, right? I am aware of that, especially since the current research solutions are not attractive enough to offer the user an appropriate reward for their contribution to data collection.
That’s why as Altroo, we found our solution. We decided not to reward our users outright. Instead, we decided to support the goals that are important to you. We decided to turn the value of your data into real help.


Makes the world a better place

You Browse

Use Altroo to visit websites, use web applications, online search engines, online video and audio streaming platforms. Altroo is everything you would expect from a fast and convenient browser.

You Decide

Altroo puts you in control of your data. If you do not want to agree to collect information about your online activity, you can easily change your privacy settings at any time. But if you’re ok with sharing data, then you support the charity of your choice!

You Support

Whenever you choose your goal and agree to share your data, you help those in need. We gather valuable, but anonymized data, exchange it for money, and donate for charitable purposes you’ve chosen before.