How It Works

Altroo allows you to connect your daily internet activities with helping others - quickly and clearly. While you browse the web, we gather valuable, but anonymized data, exchange it for money, and donate for charitable purposes.


& Install

Download and install Altroo, then set it as your default browser.


Set monetization sources

Decide which data you feel comfortable sharing and which you don’t. You can change this setting at any time.


Set a goal to support

Choose a charity goal that is important to you.


You browse, we donate

Browse the Web as usual and let us donate your chosen goal.

With Altroo

We transform the way how data is distributed

Your every online activity means money to businesses. With Altroo, you can redirect the flow of funds from Big Tech companies to charity goals or organizations of your choice.

Select a target. Install the browser, surf as always, change the world!


Altroos is a token we exchange for $ we donate to a goal of your choice

The value of Altroo is estimated quarterly based on the collective achievements of the whole community!

The more time you spend using Altroo, the more monetization sources you use, the greater the value of your help for the chosen goal. Simple? Simple.