Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The extension changes the default search engine to When you use the Internet (visit websites or web applications), watch and click ads, their providers share revenue with us. We donate 80% of these funds to the organization of your choice. We use the remainder to cover the operating costs of building and developing Altroo.
  2. You can choose any cause from our list. You can find them at: or by clicking on the phrase "goals" in the upper right corner of a newly opened tab in your browser. If you want to support an organization, goal or cause that is not on our list, you can suggest that we add it. All organizations on our list are verified. We also work with crowdfunding platforms, and in this case we leave it to them to verify the various causes available on the platform.
  3. Unfortunately, yes. Income for the organization comes primarily from ads and sponsored links. If these don`t display to you, or do so very infrequently, that`s how much less we`ll also donate to your chosen cause.