My name is Altroo, and I am an honest web browser. I want well-informed internet users who wish to become a part of a community of people who do good, educate each other, and focus on knowledge to navigate the online world wisely. Do you want to know me better?

We live in a time when data is ubiquitous. I understand that. I am not against tracking. No, I want to civilize data interaction. Because if the data belongs to me, I should be able to share it on my terms.

Łukasz Jeziorski, CEO, PlumResearch

We will not pretend that data is not a valuable asset. Every time you use the internet, you leave a trace behind — a trace with a business value. We believe in the reciprocal virtual world, where all parties, including you, are aware of the online mechanisms and can benefit from them. We are Altroo. The honest web browser.

We want our users to know the rules of the online world, be aware of the risks, and see the value of their online choices and decisions. We want you to understand how to improve your online security to be an aware user, not a victim. Why?

Here’s our WHY, explained by Łukasz Jeziorski, Altroo’s inventor:

My five-year-old son, John, uses a tablet on weekends. He loves games so much that he constantly comes up with new ones. He is incredibly creative! ‘Dad, I want a game where I drive to an ATM and withdraw money and then go to the store and buy all the things that are missing in the fridge’ - John explains what he means and expects me to find this exact game in the AppStore. Unfortunately, while almost every problem has a solution in the app, not every game coming from my son's imagination exists. So we browse a lot of games looking for the one closest to John's idea. Searching through so many games means seeing even more ads. Various ads. The ads are often extremely violent, even though they are displayed in, for example, a sweet game where you lead a duckling across the street. As a parent, I would like the games to be aware that a five-year-old child is taking this baby duck across the street, and that gaming companies simply think about what advertising is being shown along with the games…

I'm not saying that everyone shouldn't show ads as Google does on YouTube Kids. I have no problems with ads, even if they reach my child. This is the world we live in, and that's it. I accept that. On the other hand, marketers are only interested in the fact that my little son, as a user, has a high click-through rate and conversion to installation (i.e., what marketing goals I fulfill). Consequently, they completely ignore the fact that the customer is, almost for sure, a child. And they can ignore it because nobody asked about it. But, I would be thrilled to say it in such a situation, even if nobody asked!

Communication is always a two-sided story.

I'm a demanding consumer. It's difficult for me to find the shoes I like. I don't mind ads, as long as they can help me. Therefore, if Google asks me if I like the ad or if I’ve already bought this product, I will be glad to answer it and not get similar content again. What’s more, I wish to have a place where I could announce it to all entities that have access to my data. So they would be able to prepare accurate ads, narrowing them down to the content I need or am interested in.

In a traditional store, contact with me is much more personalized because sellers know who they are talking to, and they do it without me enrolling into a loyalty program. However, I'm the one who decides how much and what I want to say to them. And I can leave the store anytime in case I feel uncomfortable. The store employee does not come after me to push his product further, nor does he talk about me and my budget to employees of other stores.

I understand Web3 as a two-way interaction happening in the background. It is dynamic personalization based on the profile we want or do not want to share. In my opinion, we all should be able to define a tracking framework much more than in an all-or-nothing way. I am not interested in choosing between zero privacy and incognito mode. Because what if there are things I want to tell the site about me? What if I want websites to be personalized before even deciding if I want to create an account?

Is it possible to heal the web?

We're discussing the metaverse while the internet still has so many dysfunctions. I disagree with that. Each of us should be able to set up a framework for interactions that make us feel comfortable and safe. So let’s make it happen. Let’s change the web. I’ve already started.

Do you see our point? The Internet has become our everyday environment. It's time to make this environment more human by giving you a voice. Use it to decide. Decide not only how to manage your data but also how to affect your community. What’s this mean?

We want Altroo to become a powerful tool to change the world. We believe that if your data is money, you should have the power to use that money for the cause closest to you. That’s why we want you to decide how to spend the funds your data has earned. You choose any charity goal, and we donate 80% of the funds from your data's sale to your goal. Yes, 80%. The remaining 20% is needed just to make Altroo happen. Because the main goal is to care for those who need to be cared for. So, with Altroo, you are doing extraordinary things with no effort while using the web as usual.

Are you in? 

Act on your own. Be aware. Join our revolution. Improve.

Altroo Team